The 1stTraining SeminarWorkshop, organized by REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF RODOPI S.A. (ANRO), was successfully completed on Tuesday, July 18, 2023


The 1stTraining Seminar/Workshop, organized by REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF RODOPI S.A. (ANRO), was successfully completed, at its offices in Komotini, Plastira & Antoniadis St., on Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 (11:00-15:00).

The Workshop was implemented within the framework of the European project entitled ‘FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS’, which is financed by the Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Program.


The purpose of this Educational Seminar/Workshop of the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project was to inform the participants about the outputs/actions & objectives of the project as well as to spread and promote the concept of modern financial tools/funds/programs and to investigate the possibility of financing from the   tools/funds/programs, that are currently in force in the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Greece.


In this context, EUROCONSULTANTS SA. (External Expert of ANRO) made a presentation  regarding the first results of the project entitled: “Promotion of Modern Financial Instruments in the Cross-border area” (project acronym: FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS), with special emphasis on the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, while a general overview of FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project was also presented.


Furthermore, there was an analytical presentation (which included analysis and commentary) of the primary results that derived from the on-line Survey regarding the modern financial instruments/funds/tools/programs, that is being conducted by ANRO and the DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY OF THRACE (DUTH).

The Workshop has been attended with great interest by all the staff, executives and experts of ANRO, as well as by representatives of DUTH.


The main objective of the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project is the Promotion of Financial Instruments in the cross-border area, in order to provide the possibility of Getting Financed by these Modern Financial Instruments/Tools, for the benefit of citizens, businesses, institutions and Chambers located in the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria.


The following actions/outputs/deliverables are expected to be implemented/concluded by all 4 Project Partners in Greece and Bulgaria, until the end of the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project:

  • Establishment & Operation, at the offices of ANRO in Komotini, of the “Private Finance Support Mechanism”. This flexible Mechanism, which will continue to operate even after the end of the project, aims to inform, train & generally support private entities, businesses and individuals, in the accomplishment of an ultimate goal, which is “to get financed by one or more of the modern financial tools/funds available nowadays in the area”
  • Elaboration of Diagnostic Reports and Specialized Studies
  • Identification, Recording and Evaluation of all modern Financial Instruments / Funds currently available in the cross-border area
  • Identification, Recording and Evaluation of all suitable existing SMEs located in the cross-border area that can apply for funding from modern financial tools
  • Overall Support of SMEs in preparing Funding Applications/Proposals
  • Information and Dissemination Activities
  • Networking activities, B2B activities, promotion of synergies between businesses in the cross-border area
  • Exchange of experience & know-how among relevant bodies & stakeholders in the cross-border area
  • Organization of Specialized Seminars (addressed to both the general public as well as to individuals, entrepreneurs, potential investors, public bodies, NGOs, chambers, etc.)
  • Promotion of a new ‘culture’ / ‘mentality’ in the cross-border area, regarding available financing opportunities.