REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF RODOPI S.A is Joint-Stock Company LOCAL AUTHORITY (LOCAL AUTHORITY Enterprise according to the 3rd article of 252 Law 3463/2006 “New Municipal and Community code”) and was founded in 1992.

“Rodopi Development S.A” creates, supports, coordinates, materializes and administrates local developmental initiatives that correspond to the needs of institutions (Public and Private) not only in the Prefecture of Rodopi but also in the wider region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, through the operational projects of the 3rd and 4th Communal Support Framework and other national and European projects, upgrading the human potential of the Region, offering innovative solutions and practices, creating or adapting know-how, participating in networks aiming at the transport of experiences, knowledge and contributing in the lifting of isolation through organizational models adapted in local needs with a possessed upgraded human potential with the use of new technologies and modern tools of organization.

Rodopi Development S.A offers the following services:

Advisor in matters of developing local authorities and organizations

Management and implementation of EU projects and initiatives

Management and financial models

Technical advisor in matters of law, development, urban planning and economic matters, etc.

Advisory services in marketing (promotion, sales administration, packaging etc) 

Advisory services in matters of rural development

Promotion services of the investment strategies of Rodopi County

Rodopi Development S.A has established, applies and maintains a Quality Administration System which is in line with the demands of the international model ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and which meets its goals and needs.


Address: N.Plastira 62, 69100 Komotini

Tel.: +30 2531034071

Fax: +30 2531034073

E-mail: [email protected]


Legal representative: Lourikas Dimitrios, CEO ANRO SA

Contact person for the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project: Kefalidis Efstathios, General Manager ANRO SA, Project Manager

PB2 Democritus University of Thrace – (DUTH) – Department of Economics – Special Account for Research Funds

Name of your Institution: Democritus University of Thrace – (DUTH) – Department of Economics – Special Account for Research Funds

 Official website link:

Short description:

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) has, since its foundation in 1974, been the first Greek regional multi-campus university that not only solely served purely educational objectives. Apart from its primary educational and research activity, its running via its multiple campuses, at first in the cities of Xanthi and Komotini, and later on in Alexandroupolis and Orestiada, has essentially participated in the efforts for the economic growth of the Administrative Region of Thrace. At the same time, the university has also significantly contributed to the reinforcement of the national and cultural character of the wider area in Thrace as well as to the upgrade of its living and social status through direct and indirect initiatives.

The Special Account for Research Funds (S.A.R.F.) is formed and operates in all Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and is responsible for the research grants management and utilization of scientific research, education, training, technological development and innovation and for other related activities. The aim of SARF is research grants management and distribution that derive from different sources, as well from the resources of the Institution itself, and they destined for cost coverage of any kind, that are necessary to be covered for the execution of scientific, educational, training and developmental projects, as well as for projects of continuing training, for seminars and conferences. 


Club of Young Entrepreneurs – Kardzhali (CYE) is a non-governmental organization. During its 20 years of history, CYE has proved itself as one of the leading partners of the  municipalities in district of Kardzhali in defining the economic policy while maintaining its governmental and political impartiality. CYE is guided solely by the virtues of responsibility, competence and integrity.


Club of Young Entrepreneurs is a regional responsible business union working towards:

  1. Creating conditions for accelerated and sustainable growth;
  2. A balanced knowledge-based economy with high added value;
  3. Competitive markets;
  4. Human resources development and flexible industrial relations;
  5. Preservation and development of the Bulgarian production,
  6. Expanding economic freedom and promoting entrepreneurship;
  7. Creating modern models for business networks;
  8. Protecting the interests of the Bulgarian employers and young entrepreneurs locally and internationally.


Address: Bulgaria, 6600, Kardzhali, 9 Tsar Kaloyan Str., Savarona Trade Center

Tel.: (+359) 361 64401

Fax: (+359) 361 64402

E-mail: [email protected]


Legal representative: Mariana Dimova, Chair person

Contact person for the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project: Mariana Dimova



The Industrial Association – Sandanski is a non-governmental organization established in 2013 as an economic union of companies, created with the aim of uniting and protecting businesses in the region. The Chamber is a collective member of the Bulgaria Industrial Association  (BIA). It unites over 20 manufacturing and trading companies from Sandanski, Petrich, Strumyani and other municipalities in the region of Southwest Bulgaria.

The Industrial Association – Sandanski performs the functions of a local body of the BIA and protects the interests of employers at the municipal level as part of the municipal councils for trilateral cooperation in the field of regional development, employment, occupational health and safety, etc. The organization participates in the work of the various municipal commissions, created by local government, related to the development of programs, concepts and plans for the development of the regional economy and business.

The activities of the Industrial Chamber of Sandanski are related to:

  • Presentation of the activities of Bulgarian and foreign companies.
  • Provision of export and foreign trade information.
  • Provision of services related to the various custom regimes and regulations.
  • Organizing participation in business delegations in the country and abroad.
  • Assisting local businesses in developing business plans.
  • Supporting and protecting the interests of employers at the regional and national level.
  • Participation in the process of local and regional consultations.
  • Providing assistance for certification according to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001.
  • Other services on demand by its members.

Address: 2800 Sandanski, Industrial Zone “Sokolovets”
Tel.: ++359 888 678 181
E-mail: [email protected]

Legal representative: Mr. Valentin Mitov

Contact person for the FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS project: Mr. Plamen Todorov