Project Coordination Meeting in Komotini, Greece 09/03/2023

The ‘FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS’ project constitutes an integrated set of activities that aim to promote modern financial instruments, such as Equity Fund, etc., in the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria to provide the possibility of getting financed by these modern financial instruments/tools for the benefit of citizens, businesses, institutions, and Chambers located in the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria.

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, a Project Coordination Meeting was held in Komotini, Greece, with the participation of the project partners both from Greece and Bulgaria. The meeting took place at the Anatolia Hotel, in Komotini, Greece. The start time was 12:00 until 14:00, and the number of participants was 12 partners at the meeting place and 5 from a Zoom meeting.

The meeting aimed at finding an effective way of disseminating information and communicating with the project partners. Through the meeting, it was sought to deal with issues, propose ideas, and solve any problems with the project. The organization of the project was undertaken by the partner Democritus University of Thrace with the support of Rodopi Development. During the meeting, updates about the project’s implementation and the planning of the new activities were discussed. Partners for each country precented their deliverables, their existing development, and their future actions.

The Project Coordination Meeting aimed at the facilitation, cooperation, and decision-making of top quality and the dynamic contact of the Greek and Bulgarian partners. This Project Coordination Meeting was the key to developing agendas where they covered all the required topics without going off course